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USA Hay Farms offers a wide variety of quality hay for your animals in the Lower worldwide. Our hay sales team is dedicated to matching the right hay with your animal. Hay is delivered and stacked with each load saving you time and money!

There are many different types of hay available, but we only select the highest quality hay for your animal. We can help you decide which type of hay is best suited for you and your animals’ needs.

Best Selling hays

We offer a variety of hay options to fit your needs and budget, including: Alfalfa, Bermuda Grass, Paca Verde, Teff Grass, Straw and Sudan Grass. Our hay is barn stored to help retain quality throughout the year. 


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Frequently asked questions

What dimensions is a ‘conventional bale’?

Our bales are approximately  36 (inches) long x 18 (inches) wide x 18 (inches) high. They can sit two average sized adults.

Are bales messy?

Bales will naturally shed and therefore it is worth making sure your venue is aware and happy with this. It is often useful to have a brush ready to sweep up any excess straw or hay.

What type of event or party do you supply to?

We can hire bales of various quantities. Feel free to send us an email to discuss your exact requirements. We cater for smaller events such as weddings, family parties, school fetes and photoshoots. We love the variety of our work and are happy to work on events of all types.

Can we collect / return bales from yourself?

Of course you can, all we ask is that you book the bales in advance to ensure that they are available.

What is the difference between straw and hay bales?

The honest answer is there is not a lot in it. Obviously in the farming world straw is used for animal bedding and hay is used for feed. Straw is brighter and more golden in appearance than hay and lighter and dry out better if they get a shower of rain on them ..

Are your hay and straw bales covered?

We don’t supply covers at the moment. The bales are comfy enough without extra padding but if you use throws, blankets or other coverings these can also help to protect people’s clothes when sitting on the bales. Hay and straw bales are intended to give that rustic feel.


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